What I expect from you...

People who are kind and courteous are my absolute favorites- throw in clever wit and a great sense of humor and I'll be head over heels! That being said, I don't have the energy or patience for people who are overly graphic in their communication with me, nor do I want to be around those who don't respect my time and energy.  The Golden Rule- treat others as you'd wish to be treated-is really the way to go with me.

When we meet, I'll expect that you're freshly groomed and showered. If you need to freshen up when you arrive, there will always be a shower available. Please leave my gift in an envelope in the bathroom at the beginning of our date as well. 

What you can expect from me.

I am incredibly prompt and value your time as much as I value my own. When touring, I will always be staying in an upscale hotel/private apartment incall. When home, if you'd like luxury incall accommodations, please add $200 to my listed rates. 

Should I be meeting you for an outcall, I dress in a casual-chic manner and move inconspicuously. I value both your discretion and my own. Whether for incall or outcall, I'll always look great, smell delicious, and feel like satin.

Should you want to surprise me...

Tips and gifts are never expected but certainly appreciated.